You’ve landed here, hopefully, because you are interested in living, leading, and making decisions based on principles.

We believe a four step process applies to all that we do:

  1. Pick your source of truth. For us this is the inspired Word of God, the Bible.
  2. Determine timeless principles from this source of truth. These will probably not vary among individual people.
  3. From those principles develop your personal convictions. Each of us will develop his or her convictions based on these principles and even well-meaning individuals may vary on their convictions.
  4. Lastly, make decisions in line with your convictions. These would be rules or how you plan to implement your convictions in your home, workplace, faith, or life.

Please visit the tabs at the top of this page for who we are and what we do to help ourselves and others live principle-based lives.

Roger and Sue Farr

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